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Botanical Name: Catunaregam spinosa (Thunb.) Tirveng. (Katuneregum spinosa)
Syn-Xeromphis spinosa (Thunb.) Keay; Randia dumetorum (Retz.) Lam., Gardenia spinosa Thunb.
Family : Rubiaceae (Rubiaceae)
English name: Emetic Nut
Sanskrit-madan, chhardan, pind, nut, karahat, desert, surgical, venomous, respiratory, pichuk, kantki, karahataka, surgical, gorge, settling, breathing;
Hindi-Manphal, Madanphal;
Urdu-Mainphal (Mainphal);
Mainphal; Assamese-Gurol;
Konkani-Gaddi (Gaddi);
Kannada-Mangrikkei (Mangrikkei)
Gujarati-Mindhol, Mindhal;
Tailugu-Basant Kadimi Chettu, Mandchettu, Mangchettu (Mangchettu);
Tamil-Marukkalam, Pungarei;
Bengali-Meinphal, Mayana kantar gach;
Nepali-Meidal, Meinphal; Punjabi-Arara (Arara);
Marathi-Geil, Gefal (Geilphala); Malayalam-Kara (Kara).
English-Bushi Gardenia, Common emetic nut;
Arabic-jouzul kosul, jauzulaki;
Persian-zhuj-ul-kuch (Juz-ul-kuch).
Its plants are found all over India especially in the Himalayas up to an altitude of about 1200 meters. Its plants are up to 9m tall and have strong thorns. Its fruits are round, raw in color and green in yellow color and are smooth. The marrow also dries when the fruit dries, but the seeds stick to it, it is called Madanphal Pippali
The use of Madanphal in Bhallatak alkali in the duodenum and Madanpushpu has been calculated as the cyanoclure The description of Madanphal Kalpa is found specifically for vomiting in the Kalp place of Charaksamhita.
Madanphala destroys sweet, tikt, warm, short, emollient, disinfectant, ruksh, catarrhal perishable, ulcers, leprosy, phlegm, afflictions, inflammation and gum and ulcers.
Madanphala is the best among the left-wing drugs in indigenous medical science. Vomiting occurs due to consumption of its fruits without any disturbance. (But for vomiting it should be used under the care of a doctor.)
Its fruits are anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic, phlegmatic, abortifacient, insectivorous and anticoagulant.
Its seeds are appetizers.
Its skin is anti-diarrheal, sprains, vulva and hypnotic.
Medicinal Uses
Semi-differentiator - Taking equal amount of Madanphala and sugar candy, grinding it with cow's milk a little, and putting 1-2 drops in the nose before sunrise, the quenching of the shir shul starting with sun rise.
Shirogh-4 Pippali, 1 Madanphala and 250 mg of opium powder, roasted in a copper plate, putting 1-2 drops of very fine powder in the nose and mitigating the neurological disorders.
Kapha-Pittaja disorder- Take 2-3 good Madanphala, remove the top peel and soak it coarsely and soak it in 60 ml of water at night and drink it well in the morning and after drinking it, it helps to reduce cough.
Take equal quantity of asthma, madanphala l, arkamul skin and liquorice three, and use 2-5 grams of this powder, it is an excellent medicine for asthma and cold.
Grind the lateral root of madanphala in kanji and apply it on the navel to reduce the pain of ribs.
Giving 6 grams of madanphala seeds powder, 6 grams of rock salt and 1y gram of Peepal powder with lukewarm water causes vomiting and brings out phlegm.
Grind 50 grams liquorice and cook it in 2 liters of water, crush and sieve with 1 liter water remaining. Consumption of 6 grams of madanphala seeds powder mixed with honey and rock salt mixed with 30 ml liquorice decoction removes impurities.
Soaking 3-6 grams of seed powder in 25 ml of water for one hour, kneading it in stone skillet, mixing honey and rock salt and giving it on an empty stomach makes vomiting. (It is used in cough, fever, pain, pain, etc.) (Separate the seeds and pulp of the madanphala and dry the seeds, and separate the peels, by grinding only the fine powder of the seed kernel and filling it in the vial. Keep it. (Use quantity 2 to 4 grams.)
Grind both colocasia and madanphala and Kutki in equal quantity and apply it in the navel after grinding it.
Grind 2-4 grams powder of madanphala seed powder in kanji or buttermilk, and heat it and apply it around the navel, to alleviate colic.
Grind madanphala in vinegar and apply it around the navel, it provides relief in colic.
Burning dry fruits of obstetric- madanphala and vaginal incense can lead to early delivery.
Taking 1 gram dried seed powder of infertility- madanphala with milk, sugar and saffron and making light of 1 gram powder of seeds in vaginum and wearing it in vaginum removes all disorders of vaginitis and uterus. The problems of menstruation, pain, irregularity etc. are removed. By purification of the uterus, three can conceive.
Grind the letters and bark of rheumatoid colony and apply it on the rheumatism.
Heat 140 grams of fresh butter, mix 11.5 grams of wax in it, when the wax melts, mix 11.5 grams of madanphala powder and equal rock salt in it. By applying it continuously for 1 week, there is suppression of handmade dah and the cracked feet become soft and soft.
Applying the mustard oil cooked with powder of Kandu-Sindoor, Tutha, Madanphal, Sauviranjan and Guggulu provides relief in itching.
Foliar-segmented madanphala seeds and guggul by grinding it with water and applying it to a varti are used for both new and old canker sores and planting of fistulas.
Applying a paste made from the plant is the planting of the ulcer.
Grind equal quantity of almond- madanphala seed powder and small madanphala powder in water and drink it in water to get relief in epilepsy.
If there are excess of faults in fever, one should drink lukewarm water or honey syrup or water containing sugar syrup or salt water in order to get madanphala powder consumed with Pippali powder or Indrajou or liquorice powder, just to get vomiting. (This should be done under the supervision of a physician.)
It is beneficial to use the milk cooked from madanphal pippali in the blood-borne blood congestion and heartburn, or the use of alkaline yavagu made from that milk.
Application: fruit, skin, root, seed.
Dosage: 3-6 grams of powder (for vomiting), 1-2 grams of powder (for general use).
Prevention of side effects: Spongy and cold substances.
Due to Vamak, its use is prohibited in pregnancy, diarrhea and children.
Madanphala is Vamak, so it should be used according to medical advice.
It should be used with caution in persons of warm nature.